Meet the producer: Grégory Leclerc

A Tours native, Greg worked for six years as a wine journalist in Paris before returning home in 2007. With about 6.5 hectares under vine, he has recently had a couple of very tough years with massive losses to frost and mildew. Soils are mostly clay on limestone with a tiny bit of flint. Most wines are without sulphur and nearly all see some ageing in old oak barriques (which you certainly don’t taste).


Domaine Chahut et Prodiges



Chahut et Prodiges


Grégory Leclerc with his wife, Anne


6.6 hectares, organic (uncertified)


France, Loire, Touraine

Grégory was born in Tours and studied history. He then decided to study wine trade in Bordeaux.

After 6 years of journalism in Paris for a wine magazine he chose to return to his region of origin and passed a wine estate management degree in Amboise.

In 2007 he took over a small local domaine and produced his first wines.