Recipe Challenge Winner


As you know, we have been contributing to Lewisham Foodbank for some time. Everyday people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to being hit with a bill they neither expected nor budgeted for. A simple box of food makes a big difference. The foodbank mainly receives donations of in-date/non-perishable items, which is great. However, if you've never been taught how to cook, trying to pair ingredients to make something tasty can be difficult and frustrating.

So, we thought let’s spice things up a bit and get you guys to help. The idea behind the recipe challenge was to find creative ways for the food bank visitors to use basic food parcel ingredients without adding too many extras.

It took us a while but we finally got there and found the winner of our recipe challenge for Lewisham Foodbank: Frances Brooker! Frances’ recipe includes basic items and is very easy to make. See for yourself here:

Baked Spaghetti

Ingredients for four people:

  • Large onion

  • Two large spoonfuls of oil. (vegetable or sunflower oil)

  • Packet of dried spaghetti. Use about a third of this, possibly half depending on how big your dish is

  • 2 tins of chopped tomatoes

  • Packet of grated cheddar cheese or grate a small block of cheddar cheese


  1. Turn oven onto 180°.

  2. Choose a cooking dish to feed four people. (Pie dish, foil container or bottom of casserole dish.

  3. Chop onion into small pieces and fry lightly in oil until onion becomes transparent or put in a bowl with oil, cover and cook in microwave for one minute.

  4. Spread cooked onion over bottom of cooking dish.

  5. Break spaghetti in half, then half again and spread over to cover onions. A few layers thick. (Small children enjoy helping with this!)

  6. Spread the two tins of tomatoes over the spaghetti.

  7. Sprinkle the grated cheese over the top.

  8. Cover the dish with foil or your casserole lid.

  9. Then cook for one hour.

  10. Serve on its own or with salad and you could add a sausage!


As promised, Frances won a bottle of white, red and bubbly each.

Cheers to that!

Al & Ben