Meet the producer: Cyrille Vuillod

Originating from the Hautes-Alpes, Cyrille had various careers before finding winemaking as a grape harvester, which is how he landed in Beaujolais. A warm character with a cheeky smile, his wines all show a real softness with a serious drinkability. Vinification is mostly full carbonic maceration with little, if any, use of oak and sulphur. Initially working under Jean-Claude Lapalu, he produced his first vintage in 2012. He has 5 hectares of old and young Gamay on the edge of Brouilly, vines planted on a mix of pink granite, sand, clay and silex.


La Dernière Goutte



La Dernière Goutte


Cyrille Vuillod


Less than five hectares




France, Beaujolais, Vaux-en-Beaujolais

Cyrille Vuillod comes from the Hautes-Alpes, and before his life making wine worked in the mountains as a ski instructor. The decision to become a winemaker was based on his enjoyment of wine. Having picked grapes in the Beaujolais area, he set up shop at the edge of Brouilly. Cyrille started winemaking in 2011 where he worked under Jean-Claude Lapalu for three years, and in 2012 he produced his first vintage in his own cellar.

We had the pleasure of unexpectedly discovering Cyrille at a wine fair, after seeing the interesting labels and trying his wines it was clear he really stands out as a winemaker. All wines are Gamay, everything is basket press and if carbonic maceration is used it’s always fully and for a long period. None of the wines available have added sulphur, although he uses sulphur if he needs to, it just so happens, in 2016 and 2017, he didn’t need to.