Meet the Producer: Olivier Pichon

A social worker turned winemaker and moving from Lyon to the Languedoc, Olivier acquired vines deep in the Languedoc garrigue from his Friend Thierry Forestier. 2016 saw his first vintage with just one hectare.


La Grange Saint André



La Grange Saint André


Olivier Pichon


One hectare


Not many


France, Languedoc, Gard

Olivier only started winemaking in 2015 having previously working in Lyon as a social worker. A busy family life with his wife and four children means he hasn't had time to go to university; instead he has learned on the job, with help from his friend and fellow vigneron Thierry Forestier. He farms a small one-hectare plot and works organically.

We met Olivier by chance at a small wine fair in the Languedoc last November, where he was showing some friends a few tank samples of his debut vintage. The wine was clean, juicy and bright so we stayed in touch.

How did the 2018 vintage treat you?
Loads of rain until July. With Thierry's help we were able to fight off the mildew. As a result, we've had a fantastic harvest.

What were the biggest challenges since you started winemaking?
No challenges really as my wife followed me and supported me fully. l' ve also made loads of other winemaker friends. We help each other out a lot, which also saves a loads of time.

What will be next?
In 2020 I am planning on planting some Cinsault, as I had give a parcel back a while ago. I want to then end up with seven to eight hectares in total. I also want to rebuilt my cellar which is really old.