Fledermaus Rot 2016

Fledermaus Rot 2016

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Cuvée: Fledermaus Rot

Vintage: 2016

Producer: 2Naturkinder

Winemakers: Melanie & Michael Voelker

Region: Germany, Franconia, Kitzingen


Style + Colour: Still, red

Grapes/Blend: Pinot Meunier

ABV: 11.5%

A rare chance to taste this grape as a single-varietal still wine. Seven days, semi-carbonic, less wild than the 2016 vintage. Schwarzriesling - Pinot Meunier - used to be called Miller’s Vine (at least in Australia). This is the literal translation from another old German name: Müller-Rebe. The slightly white surface on the young leaves reminded people of flour. Shell-limestone soils. The grapes were picked on one of the first harvest days as Pinot Meunier benefits from a solid acid-backbone.  Semi-carbonic maceration for 7 days, gently pressed in a pneumatic press, malolactic fermentation and aged on lees in steel.