Fledermaus Rot 2017

Fledermaus Rot 2017


Mmmmm, crunchy cranberry and pomegranate. Pale & bright with light supple tannins.

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Cuvée: Fledermaus Rot

Vintage: 2017

Producer: 2Naturkinder

Winemakers: Melanie & Michael Voelker

Region: Germany, Franconia, Kitzingen 

Style + Colour: Still, red

Grapes/Blend: Schwarzriesling / Pinot Meunier

ABV: 11.5%

It’s made of Schwarzriesling/Pinot Meunier growing on shell limestone. After pressing, the wine finished fermentation in a steel tank and rested on the full lees until it was bottled in July 2018.No added sulphur.