Bacchus Pet-Nat 2017

Bacchus Pet-Nat 2017


Soft, bright pet nat with more colour than previous vintages and benefits from a more intense fizz.

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Cuvée: Bacchus Pet-Nat

Vintage: 2017

Producer: 2Naturkinder

Winemakers: Melanie & Michael Voelker

Region: Germany, Franconia, Kitzingen

Style + Colour: Sparkling, white

Grapes/Blend: Bacchus

ABV: 11%

The shell-limestone soil has a fat, fertile clay layer. Harvested in September. Grapes are from a farmer nearby who has been practicing organically for 25 years. Disgorged for the first time this vintage, although roughly so it remains cloudy with most of the lees and no tartaric acid. Fermentation finished in March and then bottled.