Splash! 2018

Splash! 2018


Best enjoyed as an aperitif with a group of your favourite people.

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Cuvée: Splash!

Vintage: 2018

Producer: Chateau Barouillet

Region: France, Bergerac & Monbazillac in Pomport

Style + Colour: Sparkling, white

Grapes/Blend: Semillon

ABV: 9.5 %

Food Pairing: Goes well with seafood and oysters.

Our blind tasting verdict:

How does this wine make you feel?

Chilled - it’s easy like Sunday morning

If this wine was a colour, what would it be?

Pale green

If this wine was a country, what would it be?


Your notes:

Light, fragrant, very drinkable

Pui Chan Jones